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We are all about saving you money! Whether you want to cut down on energy use or avoid costly repairs, COILDOCS can help. We truly care about keeping your equipment and systems running safely and efficiently.

COILDOCS got its start with the development of a novel dust containment device for use in cleaning condenser coils in commercial merchandisers/ refrigerators and freezers. This unique device and method of cleaning allows these types of equipment to be serviced without making a mess or sending a cloud of dust into a retail or foodservice environment. (visit to learn more)

Through the development and marketing of this Patent Pending product we came to realize that many operators largely ignore or are unaware of the benefits of coil cleaning. Further, many business owners are simply too busy with daily operations to find the time to stop and clean coils. COILDOCS coil cleaning will make your units less prone to catastrophic failure while saving on energy costs. Our proprietary process for indoor cleaning, sets us apart from our competition and allows us to cut down on the use of toxic chemicals. Our company is unique because we focus only on cleaning and do not perform repairs and installation. This allows us to be more competative due to the fact that our technicians are trained only for coil cleaning. Your company will not have to pay the salary of a tech that can diagnose and make repairs when only a simple janitorial service is needed.  

Another area where dust build up (in this case lint) can hamper efficiency and safety, are residential dryer vents. This is a natural offshoot to our coil cleaning service as there is an overlap in the skill sets needed. We are capable of cleaning long runs and have a proven process in place.


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